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Quarter of a Century in Beauty

JoAnne Noel was destined to work in the world of fashion and beauty. While most children were looking at Mother Goose, JoAnne Noel was reaching for the latest fashion magazines so she could see her uncle Bernie, an international male model for Eileen Ford Agency, within its pages. He was a huge influence on her career path. Some of her first memories of going to Manhattan were of visiting her uncle and meeting his gorgeous girlfriends. As a child she thought Barbies were real.

JoAnne realized that she was blessed to have found her career path at 17-years old through being a model, but finding herself on the other end of the brush was her true calling… making women feel beautiful.

"Makeup should never be the first thing people notice. Makeup is a tool to enhance your skin and beauty – not to hide it!"

From the cosmetics floor of world-renowned New York department stores Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman, to the acclaimed sets of television cook show legends Martha Stuart and Rachael Ray, into the green rooms of musical icons Beyoncé and Kelly Clarkson, beauty expert JoAnne Noel has been in the New York City makeup and art scene for over 25 years. She doesn’t show any signs of slowing down in her passion for creating beauty wherever she goes.

Raised in The Bronx and relocated to Manhattan, JoAnne is a true New York woman whose expertise is in classic beauty and honoring her client’s invaluable privacy and trust attracted the attention of the world’s greatest celebrities and most revered network executives. Her ability to make older women and men appear younger through the application of classic beauty makeup techniques quickly became the best kept secret of elites across broadcast networks like Lifetime Television, ESPN Classic Network, Food Network, MTV Network, Bloomberg, MSNBC and many more.

Specializing in French and American cosmetic labels, JoAnne’s unique talent started from her days at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and as the top global sales associate in the early 90’s at Saks Fifth Avenue for ten consecutive years during a time when it stood as the number one retailer in the world. She worked and did makeup with more than 80 percent of the cosmetic and retail vendors, including Barney’s Bergdorf Goodman and Jeffrey’s selling-floors. Combined, this experience provided JoAnne Noel with the product knowledge and training skills both corporate leaders and customers sought from a luxury cosmetic experience, earning her the responsibility of working as Head Makeup Artist alongside beauty icon Bobbi Brown throughout Bobbi’s meteoric rise to the top of the beauty industry.

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Uncle Bernie

Soon after, from 1997 to 2004, JoAnne’s success in luxury beauty retail led her to appear as an expert on top television shows, including “The Early Show,” “Good Day New York” and “Good Morning America.” She continued in broadcast, directing teams of artists and creating daily looks for celebrity hosts, and executing full-looks for editorial print features in Cosmopolitan, Allure, Elle, Town and Country, Seventeen magazines and many more.

Throughout her career in makeup onset and retail, JoAnne has continued to evolve with new trends in the art of beauty, fashion and technology, translating her talent into digital illustration, graphic design and animation for the beauty industry.

Behind the Scenes

In 2015, JoAnne Noel launched her digital beauty content on

JoAnne is now mixing her love for everything classic with makeup with her passion for illustration and traveling – as she thinks there is something about the world of the past and its charm that is sorely missing today and which many people would love to see return and, most importantly, the many women who have never seen it firsthand but rather only via old pictures, movies and their mother’s nostalgic memories from that time. They would be astonished to realize that seeing this type of beauty in real life, up close and personal… and even in the mirror, would give them a feeling they’ve never had before, and would never want to lose. JoAnne’s ultimate goal is to make sure they never lose that feeling.

A student of life, JoAnne Noel returned back to school in 2013 to advance her knowledge of animation by taking continuing education courses at the School of Visual Arts. JoAnne wanted to expose herself to the insights, skills and philosophies of the masters of animation and the basic simplicity of telling a visual story with no words. In this age of the internet and people having access to everything visual media has to offer in their purse/pocket, being able to communicate with them via a screen without requiring them to read or even hear what may be being said or played (such as when in close contact with people on a train, checkout line, library, etc.) is an invaluable tool to have. New York City, with its bustling crowds and tourists, is a perfect example of being in these types of environments where having the ability to engage with these tools whenever a person wants is beyond practical and very convenient.

JoAnne educated herself with Adobe Creative Suite so she could express her style of beauty in unique ways by understanding the other side of production through storyboards, art direction, animation and assembling fully animated beauty videos for digital marketing and video tutorials.

"Yet through all of this, I have the same Philosophy as mentioned above: Makeup should never be the first thing people notice. Makeup is a tool to enhance your skin and beauty, not to hide it! Skin should look fresh as if you had the perfect nights sleep. My Mission is to help people appreciate their own unique features and learn how to enhance them. Your face is the first thing people notice, so remember beauty starts from within and ends up on your face.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my life, best to you and the world around you, smile."

To my mom –
You never know the impact of your mother until you no longer hear her encouraging words. You never know your biggest fan until she is no longer there to cheer you on. My whole life I never realized where I got the love for classic movies and Hollywood glamour until I realized I grew up with all that inspiration within my mom. My mother didn’t dress up that much raising 5 kids – but when she did everyone stopped to stare at my mom. My mom was shy and never wanted the attention but she got it. My mom gave me the biggest gift in life, the understanding of seeing God within everyone you meet. She always pressed it in us – who cares what you look like if you don’t see the beauty all around you. My mother was the biggest impact along with my grandfather that taught me right from wrong and if someone’s paying you to do a job – do the best you can.
Your name should stand for something – honesty, loyalty- hard work…. My mom would say be kind.
Thank you both for being there to raise me –


Cynthia F.

Web Designer

Working with Joanne Noel has been a pleasure. She is very knowledgeable on beauty techniques and has really helped me with my skin care needs. Her animations are also incredible and I can say that Joanne Noel is definitely a woman of many talents.